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HRSDC Essential Skills: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a process used to identify, document, assess and recognize skills and knowledge. 
Recognition for Learning: Anyone who wants to learn more about prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR), needs PLAR services or wants to contribute to PLAR practice in Canada is welcome to use this RFL website.
Red Seal: The Red Seal allows qualified tradespeople to practise their trade in any province or territory without having to write additional examinations, thus improving labour mobility in Canada and saving time and resources by eliminating the need for multiple examinations.


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Upcoming Events

Internationally Trained Professionals/Skilled Workers Hands-on Practicum Program on Thursday, September 6, 2018 is Information Session and HOP program starts Monday, September 10, 2018

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AutoCAD and SolidWorks on weekends and week-days

CELBAN Prepartation Crash Course on Weekdays

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CELPIP General Preparation Course

Office Smart Course on the first Thursday and Friday of every month

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Job Search Club on Tuesdays, from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Testimonals from Clients

Employer’s comments: “It is wonderful to hear from you, the interview went very well and we are actually moving forward with an offer that I will be presenting to your client today. I have not provided him with the details yet so please hold off on sharing this with him. It will be for a Sr. Financial Analyst…Thank you very much for passing along such a strong candidate and I look forward to other candidates in the future with a similar profile.”

“I am excited to inform you that the company has offered me a role as a Senior Financial Analyst in their Winnipeg office. The offer came in today. Your efforts most importantly, and that of the other career counsellors of Success Skills Centre have been invaluable during the one month period of the hands on job practicum (HOP).  I wish to specifically mention your time and commitment in ensuring that I develop a compelling resume worthy of catching the attention of recruiters. Also, the trust you build in me is likewise encouraging and made it possible to surpass the various hurdles in the recruitment process.  I will always be a faithful Ambassador of Success Skills Centre everywhere I go.”


“I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the Success Skill Center team for your valuable help and orientation in my process to find a job.  All the topics learned through the two weeks course, like the handy tips, the behavioral questions, how to make a good resume and cover letter and the interview practicing were very relevant in my job searching. They provided me confidence and right knowledge to know how to face the hiring process and successfully get a job. Thank you very much again and I wish the best to those that are searching for their dream job.”


“I will definitely keep in touch as things unfold in my new job, as I believe the experience and opportunities will offer new and exciting challenges. Please rest assured that I am available should you need any information or advice and I will be willing to share my experience with the future clients of Success Skills Centre. Thanks and sincere regards to all the awesome team members of Success Skills Centre.”

“I have accepted the job offer with the company. Thanks very much for preparing me for that interview, I did use the techniques learnt from your class and I also transferred that knowledge to my wife who had an internal job interview.  In fact, I was hired within one hour after my interview. The interview finished at 12:00 p.m., and 30 minutes after I got home, I received a call that I have been offer a job.  We started salary negotiations before they could prepare a final offer and terms. I guess they were impressed with my performance…It’s an exciting opportunity but also just the beginning of another journey with the aim of success. I remember the first time I met you, you said it’s one thing to get a job and another to keep the job or succeed in the job. That phrase has always been on the back of my mind whenever I switch jobs. Thanks for the help again.”


“As discussed, I sent the mail to the Supervisor last Wednesday at the close of business. As I stepped into the office on Thursday's morning, I stopped at her table regarding the mail and she acknowledged its receipt. At the close of work on Friday, she beckoned me as I was wishing her happy weekend on my way out. She told me that I have been offered a six months temporary appointment and that she thought the Human Resources Department would be able to finish the paper work that day, which unfortunately they could not. She said hopefully by Monday I would be informed formally. I profoundly appreciated her and left.   I sincerely thank you for being an instrument of light to my career in Canada. Have a wonderful working week.”
Employer’s comments: Good Morning, hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that your client’s current supervisor is really pleased with his work performance and will be offering him a 6-month term position with our Finance Department today  Our Finance Department is very project heavy and could use someone with his skills and attitude on their team – very excited for him! I’ll be sure to keep you updated should anything progress in his working status here…Have a great day.”


“Just want to inform you that I resumed at the company yesterday and today is my 2nd day at work, really nice place to work, wonderful people and learning more about the company's culture. Thanks for the platform Success Skills created that enhanced me to really get my first job in Canada in my professional field in less than 4 months of arriving in Canada.  And special thanks to you once again for believing in me and recommending me...”


“I was able to start with Success Skills Centre a week after I landed. My general goal was to get guidance on my next steps as a new immigrant. Through the 2-week Hands-On Program, I have polished my job searching skills or have acquired new skills. The program covered important points such as resume and cover letter writing, as well as cold call cover letter and doing cold calls, general job search skills, interview skills, calling up employers and phone skills/etiquette, the Canadian workplace culture, information regarding the First Nation, volunteering, and many more.  It really helped that there was an assigned counsellor to each one of us because she was able to help me plan and get on track. Everything was put into a perspective through planning and my counsellor helped me a lot with that. Aside from that, she was able to give me confidence in many different things from calling employers to doing cold calls. She also pushed me on to start and continue completing my registration requirements. She was a really big help, and I was able to ask her about many things. Our communication exchange helped me in decision-making and making the right replies to employer communication. I gave her a constant update and she was able to tell me what would be the next important thing to do. She also provided me and my group with lots of interview practice which really helped when I made cold calls and when I finally went to some interviews.”


“The program at Success Skills Centre provided a great avenue for networking. We were with people that had the same goal and we were able to help each other through the process. SSC also gave more opportunities for us to practice our interview skills and network with more people that are prospective employers so it was easier for us when we were in an actual interview.  Through the cold calling, the interview practice, the phone skills, the constant updating and advice from my counselor, I was able to get into interviews that showed real interest in me, and now I am hired in a related occupation, while waiting to complete my registration. The whole experience from SSC has opened an opportunity for me which I would not find otherwise, if I had been on my own. For me, it was a fast track of what I needed to learn and do to get back on track in a job that is related to my education. It was a very big help to me.”


"Settling in Canada as an immigrant professional, I have experienced numerous challenges and difficulties. Only through Success Skills Centre did I gain sufficient tools to tackle such challenges. The career counselors provided me with meaningful insights about the Canadian workplace and the employers' mindset. The whole process required time and patience but was worth it and fruitful.  I cannot express my gratitude to Success Skills Centre enough because through it, I am able to continue my professional career here in Canada."


“I am writing to express my grateful to the Success Skills Centre program and especially to you, as my mentor. I found this course very useful for me. In a couple of weeks I studied smart technics how to focus on my strong skills and how to be concise during the job interview. Along the course, I met wonderful people, practiced job interview situations and got feedbacks. This was very helpful for me. Once I completed the course, I continued to meet with my group friends once a week at the Success Skills Centre to update and to support each other in the job search. As a result, I improved my attitude, I felt more comfortable and less nervous during my last interview. Now, I use these tips at my workplace and I am sure that I will use them in the future. I will keep in touch with you. Thank you.”


Thank you for your guidance and support through the journey to secure my dream job. I really appreciate your time and thanks to all Success Skills staff that has contributed to this success story.”